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Mobile Web Design - Google announces new algorithm update.

Google has announced that it will now penalize a website's search engine ranking placement if it does not have a mobile website design along with a traditional desktop website design. This algorithm update takes affect on April 21st, 2015. Google wants users to have a good user experience in their searches which does not occur when a mobile website doesn't exist and people have to scroll and zoom to navigate a traditional desktop website on their mobile device. So that is why this is occurring. If you do not have a professional mobile site that meets all of the criteria outlined by Google, then your ranking will suffer greatly as well as your business from a huge drop off in search engine clicks.

This update may not refresh for many months after April 21st so if your mobile website is not complete and online by this date you could suffer for a long time with bad rankings. This update affects mobile searches which represent most of searches on Google. Contact Florida's most experienced web developer and marketing company ASAP to get your mobile website ready in time to maintain the awesome rankings you rely on to drive revenue to your business. Ask us about improving your rankings on mobile search if you are not already #1 on page one for the most competitive key words and phrases.

Our Fort Lauderdale mobile web design company develops unique, optimized custom designed mobile websites with easy navigation and a pleasant user experience designed to convert visits into sales.

Soon new algorithm changes are going into effect that rewards websites that have a mobile version and may penalize those that do not. The reason is to promote a user friendly experience for those sites that rank high in searches. Inevitably mobile searches will put websites that are desktop versions only last in rank placement. So it is important to have a professionally developed mobile site ready soon.

As a business owner you should also want your market to be able to easily navigate through your website without constantly scrolling up and down and back and forth and zooming in and out! The more work someone has to do the less likely they will remain on your site and convert into a sale.

Mobile Web Design

With a mobile website your audience will be automatically directed to your mobile version when using a smart phone such as an Android or Iphone or other mobile devices. Visitors will also automatically go to your desktop version when on a laptop or desktop computer. The coding we install detects which is being used and direct the web surfer to the appropriate version. This way everyone can easily navigate and see your content and have a great user experience which helps boost conversion rates.

A Work Of Art has many cool applications and codes that make your mobile website browsing fun to use and impressive to visit and navigate through. We take what you have on your desktop version and restructure it and design it to work on a mobile device and at about half the cost of developing a full desktop version.

We always custom design our mobile sites and they are WC3 compliant. Be careful not to be fooled into buying a low cost template or imitation mobile site as there are many short cuts various companies will try to entice you into for a price that sounds too good to be true.

Also do not pay a monthly fee for your mobile site. If you do then you DO NOT OWN IT. Once you stop paying the monthly fee your site is taken away!

Once Google or other search engines find your mobile version on your server they reward your search engine ranking because they know that when visitors click on your site they will have a pleasant and useful experience from what the search engine recommended them to look at.

Mobile searches generate 25 billion more queries than desktop searches and mobile users are outnumbering desktop web surfers. The most successful companies now have mobile web designs and you should too.

The time is now to get your mobile website up and running! Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation on developing and designing a mobile version of your website!

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