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seo rules 2014 - content marketing
The New SEO Rules in the Content Marketing World of 2014.

For years, online marketers have searched for writers who excelled in search engine optimization (SEO). Getting recognized by search engines was the most important factor for businesses that wanted to build their brand. With Google at the top of the list of search engines that marketers look to for SEO rankings, most companies and individuals […]

Infographic: How Social Media spreads news | How to go viral on social media | Social Media Marketing Fort Lauderdale
How Social Media spreads news | How to go viral on social media

Social media is a great marketing tool that many businesses benefit from. Different social media platforms have different goals. Social media sites such as LinkedIn are more business oriented, while other sites such as Facebook aim to promote social sharing. Businesses can use a single social media platform to reach out to new clients or […]

Infographic: The Heartbleed Bug - What it is and how to handle it
The Heartbleed Bug – What it is and how to handle it

Internet security is a topic that has become increasingly important. Many companies have made the switch to storing data and important information on the cloud while other companies accept payments online. Individuals also put personal information online, from bank account information to social media passwords. Due to the sensitivity of this information, websites need to […]

Specialized International SEO and Social Media Internet Marketing Services

Web Design and SEO specialists in Fort Lauderdale, Florida provide international SEO,  Social Media Marketing. SEO for international companies or businesses here in America or abroad that have a global market need horizontal SEO strategies. Our 24 years in business as a Florida Web Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing company witha large international population has attracted […]

SEO Fort Lauderdale SMM
Social Media Marketing and SEO Services become more complex in 2013

As online business become more competitive our services will become more complex at our Fort Lauderdale SEO, marketing and web design company. With increased demand for our services and our ongoing effort to remain the leader of Florida’s top web design and marketing companies in online marketing, SEO and social media marketing we are primed […]

Facebook Social Media Marketing
Facebook offers business new interactivity and engagement with Fans – Social Media Marketing Fort Lauderdale

Facebook has launched their new layout with expanded cover photo, home page tabs, and a Timeline among other features that enhance the user’s social media experience on Facebook. That is great for business Fan Pages to display their product, service or brand more effectively and the App Tabs are easier to see which creates more […]

SEO Web Design Answers
SEO – What you Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

A guideline to hiring an SEO company – Be aware of deceptive practices. Throughout the decades we have been in business, we have seen many factors that have evolved with regard to the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization, web design, marketing and how that determines your page rank on the major search engines. We spend […]

Social Media Blog Article
Social Media Marketing, By Fort Lauderdale marketing and web design firm – A Work Of Art, Inc.

Social Media Marketing and it’s powerful reach Few companies are using social media marketing to it’s full extent. Many think they have done their job by creating a Facebook Fan Page and posting news on it everyday, gathering a modest following, posting a video, putting “Like” links on their website etc. That is nice but […]

Social Networking Media Marketing for Staffing Company
Social Media Marketing on Social Media Sites | Staffing Companies Are Falling Behind.

What is happening online with Staffing Companies? I have spent several weeks reviewing several hundred staffing company websites, the coding of their pages, which is easily accessible, their SEO (or lack thereof) as well as misuse and misunderstanding of social networking. The big question I ask myself is how can so many of these companies […]

Automated SEO
Should I use automated SEO software?

If you do, your website may as well be a broken down vehicle off the information super highway. Manual search engine submission is the best, most effective and preferred method when it comes to optimizing, marketing and submitting your website to the search engines. Search engines expect every details of the site to be filled in […]

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