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Facebook offers business new interactivity and engagement with Fans – Social Media Marketing Fort Lauderdale

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Facebook has launched their new layout with expanded cover photo, home page tabs, and a Timeline among other features that enhance the user’s social media experience on Facebook. That is great for business Fan Pages to display their product, service or brand more effectively and the App Tabs are easier to see which creates more frequent use of them and more fan participation.

The real engagement with fans comes within the apps themselves and the implementation of Open Graph for developers. After a user adds your app to their Timeline, app specific actions are shared on Facebook via the Open Graph. As your app becomes an important part of how users express themselves, these actions are more prominently displayed throughout the Facebook Timeline, News Feed, and Ticker. This enables your app to become a key part of the user’s and their friend’s experience on Facebook. This also promotes your company virally in a variety of useful ways. With the Open Graph, you’ll be able to create a deep, persistent connection between you and your users, and drive new users to your social media Facebook app.

Another new and welcome change is the increase in size of your IFrames Wrapper. Our Social Media Marketing company’s IFrames wrapper is one example.

The size has almost doubled which provides more of a full size web page horizontally than an in-column layout. This is a great opportunity to further display your products and services with a more appealing and visible design. Users can use your Fan Page as a regular website to shop and purchase products, view video, complete contact forms or applications, and so much more.

The revolution of even the most basic the Social Plugins has taken a leap forward as well. A dozen revamped buttons such as the New Like Button lets users share pages from your site back to their Facebook profile with one click and also add comments to the “Like”. The Send button allows your users to easily send your content to their friends! The Comments plugin lets users comment on any piece of content on your site.

We will be watching a new trend in Social Media that is taking off called Social Discovery. In essence it involves the ability of Social Media Users to find other users or groups to communicate and share with. These apps will help users discover the people around them who share friends or interests. Some apps alert users to connections after they check-in to a location, others more passively ping users when their phones spot a contact nearby. More on that as it evolves.

Author – David Nagle

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