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Social Media Marketing on Social Media Sites | Staffing Companies Are Falling Behind.

Social Networking Media Marketing for Staffing Company

What is happening online with Staffing Companies?

I have spent several weeks reviewing several hundred staffing company websites, the coding of their pages, which is easily accessible, their SEO (or lack thereof) as well as misuse and misunderstanding of social networking. The big question I ask myself is how can so many of these companies fall so far behind with regard to the latest marketing strategies?

The Beginning
I remember when I was marketing the first Travel Nurse Staffing company back in the late 80s, ah yes, times were good and the revenue was flowing! Then came the big recession of the early 90′s and unless you got competitive with your rates you lost clients. Leadership can get complacent and lazy… and before you know it, you have lost market share and have been left in the dust. Today I can see this happening with web based marketing. These executives may not realize it but their online presence represents who they are and tells a greater story of their corporate culture. I can identify several hundred staffing company websites that need a MAJOR facelift not to mention script and coding that is compatible with the latest browsers and operating systems. In the office their site may look “ok”, but in fact, to the outside world there are many different browsers that display their site in horrible ways with major functionality issues. This is especially true with mobile devices which display things quite differently that the home PC.

SEO and Staffing Websites
Now let’s talk a little about Search Engine Optimization. Looking at the coding in many of even the most popular company websites, I can see the same mistakes made over and over. Key phrases being used are not structured correctly nor are they supported by the content. And even the basic rules of SEO have been ignored, not thoroughly implemented, or have errors that will damage their search results. I can even see meta tags promoting the web designer who developed their website instead of the company’s website! Most executives have no idea this is even going on. And some are insulted when it is suggested they need to take a look at their deficiencies.

Social Media Marketing
This is an area where just a handful of companies are using social media to it’s full extent. And I mean very few! Many think they have done their job by creating a Facebook Fan Page and posting news on it everyday, gathering a modest following, posting a video, putting “Like” links on their website etc. Not even the largest Travel Nurse company who is popular across the country has an interactive IFW!

Facebook is approaching 1 BILLION users. What happens when you promote to 1,000 people that “Like” your fan page… Answer – each user has approximately 100 friends – your promotion reaches 100,000 people, many of whom are medical and healthcare personell. The problem is about 95% of staffing companies haven’t a clue how to use Social Media effectively and are utilizing only 25% of it’s full potential. That is where we come in. We specialize in Social Media marketing and SEO and diligently work the social media accounts of our clients for as little as $500 per month. The returns are absolutely remarkable. What most CEOs do not realize is that Facebook is becoming a Search Engine / Social site / Community and advertising power house! We predict that within the next decade Facebook will overtake Google in searches. Now is the time to start your marketing efforts on the world’s largest marketing platform. Let’s take a closer look…

Do you have a custom Blog that is syndicated across all platforms? Are your job postings updated daily on the social networks with online applications on Facebook? That is just the tip of the iceberg my friends. The purpose of Social Networking in the business world is “Networking” and “Marketing” your company to current and prospective clients and applicants. You must optimize your social network accounts, create interactivity, incentives, and market that in various ways. To be truly effective, you must cross network and market your accounts. Each Social Network venue has it’s own set of special tools, functions, and advantages that work hand in hand with each other as well as external online marketing opportunities and your company website. When used and employed correctly, they are a tremendously powerful marketing medium that brands your company and attracts new business like no other. We have some clients that actually rely mostly on Social Networking and referrals for new business because it is truly that effective!

Social networking is also supported by internal marketing techniques, the engine that drives the Social Networking vehicle forward. Digital communications via video and interactive calls to action, digital newsletters, emails and live feeds with interactivity to communicate with your company on a regular basis are just some of the underlying support mechanisms used to market your brand and offerings and keep your market interested and in touch.

A good marketing company will work at it each and every day for their clients and keep updating the functionality and employing the broad spectrum of applications that become available within each venue. For instance, The FBML application will soon be phased out in favor of new applications supported by FB. In each case, the results will be a steady increase in quality candidates, applications and renewed interest from current and past clients and staff. Your staffing company’s website will also realize increasing visits from month to month and all this translates into consistent revenue increases and larger market share over time. Increasing revenue and ROI is the fundamental objective of successful marketing and that is what so many Staffing Companies are lacking in today’s competitive environment.

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