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Fort Lauderdale, Florida: 954•675•3062
Coral Springs, Florida: 954•341•4151
Proprietary, manual SEO expertise for your entire web presence. Top search engine ranking for all competitive key words and phrases.
We provide custom web design for businesses, complex e-commerce websites, database development, and any functionality you need to increase traffic and revenue.
Social Media Marketing is an integral part of SEO and online marketing. Let us customize a successful Social Media Marketing campaign to fit your budget.

Web Design Fort Lauderdale

Our Fort Lauderdale web design and SEO company will custom design your website, and market it’s web presence with SEO, social media marketing, branding, natural link profiles, internet advertising & PPC campaigns among other proven strategies. We specialize in increasing our client’s profits and growing their business.

SEO Fort Lauderdale

Proper SEO is critical to the success of your online business. It must be performed manually. Our SEO experts dedicate at least 40 - 60 hours a month to each client and start each day updating our knowledge base with the latest algorithms. Link profile management is also crucial to your ranking among thousands of other various parameters we work with.

For over 25 years our Fort Lauderdale based firm has been doing business. - longer than any web design and marketing company in Florida. A Work of Art develops strategic internet marketing plans for all industries, not just online but also in television, radio, print and outdoor media.

  • National Award winning Website Designers and Marketers
  • Fast response - exceptional customer service
  • Providing website design and SEO to businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami, Florida and clients worldwide.

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25 Years in Business
Call: 954-675-3062
Learn how to hire a Fort Lauderdale SEO company and web designer before you start your search! Make sure you hire a reputable established company with a proven background before you invest your time and money.

has 34 years marketing and advertising experience. “I personally consult with every client and we promise we will exceed your expectations in our work ethic.”
  • Search ranking depends on it.
  • The majority of seaches are done on
    mobile devices.
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SEO in Fort Lauderdale -

Professional search engine optimization, social media marketing, internet advertising and search engine marketing services.

As a Fort Lauderdale SEO company, we provide expert SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and Marketing services to promote your website in all major search engines and indexes. Read what you need to know about SEO services and make sure you are getting a custom designed website.

We will customize your web design to compliment and support the web marketing campaigns we develop for your business. In designing an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy for your business e-commerce website, we focus on the best way to increase revenue and build a loyal client base. Get a free consultation about web development, marketing or business planning.

Providing more than just web development, we focus on building your business and customer base. Read what you need to know before choosing a website designer and SEO company here. See our sample websites which includes web design and development, marketing, advertising and SEO for companies in Fort Lauderdale and nationwide!

Advertising agency services -

We provide web design and marketing as well as giving you the benefit of a full service advertising agency that's been in business for over 25 years.
Browse our advertising agency services and get quick answers. Complete this quick and easy form to let us know what you need and we will call you immediately.

Marketing, Branding and
Advertising campaigns.

Get a free marketing consultation for your business.
Learn what you'll need to successfully market and brand your company. We can start helping you immediately!

Our Senior Marketing Director is available to speak with you about your company's goals and discuss a plan for growth. We'll create a unique brand and marketing plan that will grow your company's revenue for years to come. Web design is more than designing a site that works... it has to work FOR you and be a growing source of revenue. Everything we do for your business will be well documented and substantiated.

Recruitment advertising agency and web design services -

We have marketed many healthcare and medical companies with national advertising and marketing plans, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO, plus inbound and outbound marketing.
• Rehab Facilities
• Allied Health companies
• Hospitals

For over twenty years we have marketed some of the top nurse recruitment staffing agencies and hospitals in America.


Learn as much as you can when choosing a web design company in Fort Lauderdale to handle the responsibilities involved with building and developing your website. Every day we consult with companies who need someone to take over their website after spending money with another company. Now that person or company needs to spend the money all over again… they THOUGHT they got a good deal and had no idea what was involved with developing a stable, reliable, custom designed website that would have everything they wanted. Below are some important things to consider when selecting a website designer or company for your project.

What Types Of Web Professionals Are There?

Website Designer - helps you to determine and then develop the design, page layout, graphics, and content of your site, as well as the navigation and how pages will cross-link to one another. The designer may also do the actual computer programming and graphic art work for the site. At A Work Of Art, Inc. nothing is farmed out. Our Website Designers are the people actually laying out and designing your website.

Website coder or Engineer - takes the design from the designer and creates the code to make the site function. That person is also responsible for all the technical aspects of the project that happens behind-the-scenes to make sure the site works properly for your visitors and that it is WC3 complaint.

A Graphic Designer - creates the graphics for the site, including page layout, colors, etc. Think of this person as the “visual artist” for your site. That person is well versed in the latest algorithms and knows how to properly structure your website so that it is optimized correctly for SERP.

An Internet Marketing Consultant - helps you to determine how your website fits into your overall marketing strategy, and how to get more traffic and sales from your website. This person works with social media and the external sites that build credentials promotions and inbound traffic.

Website Marketing Specialist - Performs Search Engine optimization, posting, tracking and analysis, social media marketing, creating Blogs and link building campaigns just for starters. A Work Of Art, Inc. has the experience and expertise to provide all of these services plus much more. A Note on Copywriting: You may find a designer who can also help you with the text for your website but don’t count on it. Unlike our company, most web development firms will not be prepared to write creative unique optimized content. Be prepared to write the text yourself, or hire a professional copywriter. Copywriters charge per page, sometimes up to $500 a page ($5,000 for a 10-page website.) A Work Of art, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, assists client with all of their copywriting at no extra charge. We are experts in writing unique optimized content that greatly helps your ranking. Content is the most important aspect of SEO.

How do I know I am hiring a good web designer and what is a fair price?

Here are some things to think and ask about when hiring a website designer: Pay attention to how much they ask you about YOUR BUSINESS in Fort Lauderdale or it's demographic reach nationwide. They should want to get to know you and your business intimately. How else can they design a site that is built to effectively sell your product, communicate with your market and promote your brand with SEO and marketing strategies, let alone design a website that is built to work for you? They need to spend time to get to know your products and services, your demographic and your competition.

  • Look at sites they’ve designed to see if you like their style. Is there a certain template look to ALL their sites, or are they very unique in their designs and branding?
  • Ask them if they did the actual graphic and layout design of the site, or if they just did the programming using a content management system with ready made templates.
  • Do they have a structured planning process that leads you through the design and coding phase?
  • Do have a questionnaire to learn about your business that you’ll work through together - that is a must if they are performing their due diligence.
  • Ask about their internet marketing and search engine optimization experience and knowledge and ask to show you the rankings of the clients. Are the search words the moist competitive phrases used to find these services or products?

Be sure that they’re creating a site for you that meets your larger marketing and business goals.

A website is no good to you unless it generates revenue and converts visits to leads. Ask the designer for their fees and what is the estimated cost for the site you want. They may not be able to give you a good estimate until you discuss content and features of the site. A professional custom designed website with original graphic design and layout that is fully optimized and structure for WC3 compliance will cost around $1,500 - $2,000 for a 10-page site. Anything less than that is a waste of money because it cannot involve the time and work needed to fulfill all of the necessary elements needed to dominate your competition. Never get a "Free" Website of a website for $500. Most likely you will not own it, and you will be left with an inferior template site that has you tied to monthly fees that are endless. If you add a website blog, online newsletter, shopping cart, auto responders, SEO, website database, complex marketing technology, or or logo design (or if you have more than 10 pages), expect the web design price to be higher

Ask them how they bill you. Will they invoice you monthly, or when certain milestones are reached? Do they charge extra for anything? Do you have to make deposits? When we provide a quote for web design we stick to the price. We have confidence in our abilities and do not charge extra for proofs, additional design ideas or added functionality such as forms etc.

Pay attention to whether they’ll try to stick within your budget, or whether they keep suggesting new add-ons that increase the cost of your site.

Remember, designers aren’t responsible for your budget. Talk to some of their current and recent clients, to see how smooth the process went. You want someone who has good project management skills AND good communication skills. They have to listen to you, not just give advice. Ask them whether they will maintain your website after the initial design, and how much they’ll charge for that. Some designers want to create new sites but don’t want to maintain them and will leave you with a content management system that is limited in how much you can further develop your website.. Learn more about web design here!